Kinergier Pro

Kinergier Pro is the new generation bi-directional inverter designed for various types of off grid systems including AC coupling system, DC coupling system and generator hybrid system. It can provide UPS class switching speed and with capability to support parallel as well as composing three phase system.

Kinergier Pro delivers high reliability, performance and industry leading efficiency for mission critical application. Its distinguishing surge capability makes it capable to power mostly demanding appliances, such as air conditioner, water pump, washing machine, freezer etc.

With the function of AEA (automatic energy allocation), it can be used to work with a limited AC source such as generator or limited grid. Kinergier Pro can automatically adjust its charging current avoiding grid or generator to be overloaded. In case of temporary peak power appears, it can work as the supplement source to generator or grid.


• UPS class transfer speed, <2ms.  • Support AC coupling system, DC coupling system and solar hybrid system.  • Parallel and three phase capability, up to 3units can be operated in parallel.  • Can be used for self consumption system support feed back to grid.  • AEA function(power sharing or power assist)  • Outstanding overload capability for all kinds of inductive loads.  • Harmonic distortion<2%.  • High efficiency up to 96%.  • Extremely low status consumption power.  • TBB premium II battery charging management.  • With built in battery SOC estimation.  • Two programmable AC outputs for smart load management.  • Built in AGS.  • Fully programmable by APP.  • Remote monitoring and control is available.    

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